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Tangub City Organizes Vegetable Growers



In line with Mayor Philip T. Tan’s program to promote food sufficiency, the Tangub City Vegetable Growers Association was organized last June 14, 2011 the objective of which is to produce sufficient organically grown vegetables for Tangub City market. Once the people have adapted to organically grown vegetables and there is enough supply in the city, products will then be sold outside Tangub City market.


Elected officers are the following: President- Servillano Dablo; Vice Presiden – Ebenezer Apao; Secretary-Marilou Agad; Treasurer-Fernando Dizon; PIO-Josephine Albios (North Area) and Rey Dionson (South Area); Social Managers- Elsie Munez and Cecilio Fernandez; Sgt. At Arms- Domingo Solis and Danielito Mirafuentes; and Muse – Mercedes Camasura.


Vegetables will be produced following the

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barangays cialis dose after prostatectomy are grouped into clusters. Each cluster has specific crops to plant to avoid oversupply and undue competition. To support the growers, a daily program on vegetable production over the city-owned radio station DXJT AM will be aired at 5:30-6:00 in the morning. Mr. Nelson Saladaga from the City Agriculturist Office will take charge cialis online drugstore of the program.