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Christmas Symbols
Reason for the Season
Tangub City’s landscape is again spruced up for the Christmas season. Newly installed posts on the main street leading to the city hall and around the children’s park bear lanterns which are no longer made of indigenous materials. A row of arches with Christmas inspired filigree now stand at the city plaza giving one the feeling that he walks under an ornate passageway.
The month-long Christmas symbols festival started out of a person’s desire to comfort a homesick beloved. He put up a lighted Christmas tree at the city plaza which light also drew scores of Tangubanons to the area just to pass the time away. In no time, parents came with babes in their arms or going after toddlers, or grandpas and grandmas bringing picnic baskets. It was a grand time for the whole family.
The Christmas festival became incorporated in the Ten Year Development Plan and thus institutionalized. Offices both local and national were clustered to put up Christmas symbols, highway and interior barangays decided to put up decorative arches, and highland barangays signified their participation by putting up parols at St. Michael’s parish plaza.
Please a loved one reminds us of the greater love that is the reason for the celebration of the season. For eighteen years now, the Christmas symbols festival in Tangub endured because it started out of love. Today, mankind rejoices and looks forward to Christmas with great anticipation because it started out of love, God’s great love for mankind.