College Officials | Tangub City




Hon. Philip T. Tan - President
Prof. Pascual Emelio S. Pascual - Consultant


Mrs. Bellaflor E. Fernandez - ACA for Admin., Finance and Budget Officer, Acting Registrar
Mrs. Neil C. Enerio - Assistant to the Registrar
Mrs. Rogeilou P. Andam - College Statistician
Neil C. Enerio and Cordel R. Andales - Planning and Accreditation Officers
Mrs. Marchell B. Aswe - HR Liaison Officer
Mr. Sherlito S. Poyot - Building and Maintenance Officer
Engr. Geronimo M. Mantuhac - Campus Engineer
Mr. Vicente P. Bacus, Jr. - Property Custodian and Supply Officer, General Services Officer
Mr. Mark Lester M. Flores - Security and Safety Services Officer
Ms. Fritzie Ann D. Florida - CISO Officer
Mr. Jay R L. Agua
Ms. Genevieve B. Hilot
- Assistant Programmers
Ms. Babylin A. Mina
Mrs. Rosalina I. Loquias
Mrs. Edna E. dela Sierra
- Committee on Standards
Mrs. Bellaflor E. Fernandez
Mr. Mark Lester M. Flores
Engr. Geronimo N. Mantuhac
Mr. Sherlito S. Poyot
Mr. Alexander E. Nacion
Ms. Vhenjulie Mae A. Bacus
Mrs. Francislee N. Famacion
- College Disaster and Risk Reduction Committee
Mr. Alexander E. Nacion - Director of Student and Personnel Services
Mrs. Julieta A. Bacus - Library System Officer
Mrs. Jenieffer T. Tia - E-Library In-Charge
Mr. Loredy P. Cabang - Student Affairs Officer
Jaymar G. Requina
Junfe B. Pacillos
- SSB Advisers
Mrs. Emma P. Borromeo - Guidance Officer
Honeylene I. Epe
Margareth C. Gacasan
Johna Berlin M. Gerona
- Assistants to the Guidance Officer
Ms. Vhenjulie Mae A. Bacus
Mrs. Francislee N. Famacion
- Medical Services Officers
Mr. Reny N. Siarez - Sports Coordinator
Mr. Rodolfo T. Reyes, Jr. - Socio-Cultural Affairs Coordinator
Mr. Noriel B. Erap - GADTC MUSART Glee Club and GADTC Band
SSB Chairman
FASTCLUB President
OSA Director
Deans of both parties
- Student Grievance Committee


Ms. Love H. Falloran - ACA for Academic Affairs
Mr. Rex E. Tecson - Scholarship, Admission and Promotion Officer
Mr. Al John S. Bation
Mr. Vincent T. Lapinig
- College Research Officers
Mrs. Rosalina I. Loquias - College Publications Coordinator

Department Head/Academic Department/Coordinators

Department of Arts and Sciences
Mrs. Edna E. dela Sierra - Department Chair
Mrs. Edna E. dela Sierra - Languages Coordinator
Mr. Eunel P. Malig-on - Social Sciences
Mrs. Florife R. Limpao - Math and Sciences
Ms. Lorra Alona S. Bauya - On Campus Review Program
Mr. Palermo John M. Canillo
Ms. Mary Antonnette B. Ricafort
- TESDA Coordinators
Department of Business Administration
Dr. Adeline T. Apilan - Department Chair
Mr. Roberto P. Rebucas - MM Coordinator
Mr. Christian Louie Z. Cuizon - HRDM Coordinator
Mrs. Merlyn P. Yama - TESDA Coordinator
Department of Office Administration
Mr. Carlos L. Poyot - Department Chair
Department of Midwifery
Mr. Dwight E. Legaspi - Department Chair
Ms. Emadyl Bonie Dalde - Review Coordinator
Mr. Jay Stephen C. Mondong - Academic Coordinator
Mrs. Evangeline A. Lemon - RLE Coordinator and Lab In-Charge
Department of Criminology
Ms. Love H. Falloran - Department Chair
Mrs. Antonette F. Priscillas - Review Coordinator
Mrs. Elaine Y. Bandigan - Academic
Mrs. Chona Bebina C. Petallo - Administrative Matters Coordinator
Ms. Sherry Mae S. Epong - Crime Laboratory In-charge
Mr. Mark Lester M. Flores - Security Services (NC II)
Department of Computer Studies
Mrs. Elisea A. Lorenton - Department Chair
Engr. Erwin E. Lacpao - Laboratory In-Charge
Mr. Leigh S. Enayo - Laboratory Assistant
Mr. Jeruel Jay B. dela Pena - TESDA Coordinator
Department of Teacher Education
Mr. Noriel B. Erap
Mrs. Rosalina I. Loquias
Ms. Babylin A. Mina
- Administrative Council
Ms. Almay F. Oco - Review Coordinator
Ms. Ruffa M. Dejon - Social Studies Coordinator
Ms. Apple Mae S. Ocana - Filipino Coordinator
Mr. Alemar C. Mayordo - Math Coordinator
Ms. Ardeth Michaelene I. Loquias - English Coordinator
Ms. Claire Joy A. Sumalpong - MAPHE and PE Coordinator
Mr. Junfe V. Pacillos - BEED Coordinator


Mrs. Maricelle M. Nueva - ACA for External Affairs
Ms. Margareth C. Gacasan - Academic and Community Extension
Mrs. Cordel R. Andales Linkages
Ms. Preachy Mae S. Esin - Alumni Affairs
Mr. Romar C. Megrino - OJT and Placements


Senior High School Program
Ms. Love H. Falloran - Chair
Mr. Noriel B. Erap
Mr. Palermo John M. Canillo
Mrs. Lilibeth T. Sayson
Mr. Rex E. Tecson
Mr. Dwight E. Legaspi
Mrs. Chona C. Petalio
Mr. Al John S. Bation
Mrs. Rogelou P. Andam
- Members
Enrollment Committee
Mrs. Bellaflor E. Fernandez - Chair
Ms. Love H. Falloran - Co-Chair
Mrs. Neil C. Enerio
Ms. Fritzie Ann D. Florida
Mr. Christopherson C. Saavedra
Ms. Genevieve B. Hilot
Mr. Rex E. Tecson
Academic Department Chairs
- Members