Seal | Tangub City

Core Values







The College Seal
Laurel Branch 

  • Echoes the call for all to live and breathe the core values of the college.

Open Book

  • Symbolic of the College as the source of knowledge, learning and skills.

A Torch

  • Stands for the rnlightenment and the wisdom gained by those who passes by the portals of GADTC.

The image of the Late Gov. Alfonso D. Tan

  • The likeness of Gov. Alfonso D. Tan who established the institution in 1984 and envisioned it as an institution that will provide education for all.

Mt. Malindang and Panguil Bay

  • The slopes and slants of Mt. Malindang and the bountiful waters of Panguil Bay to give reference to the geographic location of the institution.

Seven Stars

  • The seven stars circling the flame of the torch stands for the seven professional schools of the college.