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Tangub City Awards Academic Excellence
The city government passed City Resolution No. 2011-03-0085 giving incentive awards to the first five (5) honor students of the top sections who are officially enrolled in the different secondary schools of Tangub city chargeable against the annual budget. This one of Mayor Philip Tan’s top priority programs to promote quality education. It is also one way of motivating students to study hard and exert more effort in their studies. The following are the cash incentives given from first year to third year high school: First Honor P 1,500.00; Second Honor P 1,200.00; Third Honor P1, 000.00; Fourth Honor P800.00; and Fifth Honor P700.00.
High school graduating students are given a separate rate of cash awards: Valedictorian P 5,000.00; Salutatorian P 4,000.00; First Honorable Mention P 3,000.00; Second Honorable Mention P2, 000.00; and Third Honorable Mention P 1,500.00.
Awards of excellence are also given to these honor students. The Jennifer Wee Tan Award of Excellence and Tangubanon Culture of Excellence are awarded to all honor students both graduating and non-graduating. On the other hand, the Loren Legarda Leadership Award is given only to valedictorians.