A Well-Spent Vacation in Tangub City
Tangub Christmas Symbols Festival-a highlight

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A Well-Spent Vacation in Tangub City
Christmas Symbols Festival of Tangub has always been the highlight among all year round activities the City holds. This yearly festivity always brings joy and excitement to all tourists and even to local people who avidly await for the display of the breathtaking Christmas symbols at the City plaza during Christmas season.
Every December, Tangub Cit never fails to give significant and unforgettable memories to everyone's heart. I even remember how Tangub City has become a part of my Childhood days. It has been our family's tradition to visit Tangub during Christmas time. What each of us looks forward to with excitement is the grand fireworks display which happens every first day of December and marks the formal opening of the celebrated festivity. The time spent roaming around the City plaza exploring every majestic symbol, taking random photos every step of the way, is never a time wasted. Every Christmas spent in Tangub feels like a world tour to me. Even until now, those simple joys I have experienced when I saw those gigantic glowing bright symbols still excite me. I can't suppress my eagerness to come and visit Tangub City once again and fill my imagination with the enormous, colorful and splendid Christmas symbols. Tangub does not only make me realize the real essence of Christmas but also brings back nostalgia of my childhood years celebrating Christmas.
Even if Christmas Symbols Festival is celebrated every year, what amaze me are the people-their unquestionable ingenuity which makes Christmas Symbols Festival remarkably unique each year. There's always something new that the City could offer. Every entry is a masterpiece which showcases the creativity of the Tangubanons. The intricate designs reveal the people's dedication and the annual success of the festival clearly manifests the Unity of the Tangubanons. Added to this year's attraction is the spectacular "Dancing Lights". I had so much fun watching the new dazzling lights display. Indeed, it was a creative work of art where lights from all Christmas Symbols danced in sync with the beat of the music played in the plaza. Onlookers couldn't contain being mesmerized and amused by the presentation. This new feature certainly had drawn the attention of a lot of tourists which has made the City more popular and successful in the field of tourism. As expected, the month-long celebration ended with an eye-catching and reverberating fireworks display.
Celebrating my Christmas in Tangub is truly a well-spent vacation, and a fun-filled get-away perfect for the whole family and friends. Without doubt, Tangub City has carried well its brand being the "Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines".    Writer: BEVERLY MALALIS   Editor: Ms. Babylin A. Angcap