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Events and Celebration
1. CHARTER ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION (February 14 – 28 ). A yearly celebration of Tangub City in commemoration of the time the City was declared as the 50th City of the Philippines by virtue of R.A. No. 5131. An occasion that started on Valentine’s Day, Inter-Collegiate Games of two colleges of the city, the Northwestern Mindnao State College of Science and Technology and the Governor Alfonso D. Tan College with a selection of Mr. & Miss ICG. A popularity contest of the Tangub City Charter Anniversary adds color to the event in a dual celebration with the GADTC Foundation Day. A city Charter Day parade on the 28th participated by employees both local and national and students of the different schools.
2. DALIT FESTIVAL. It is a way of thanksgiving / offering to God the Almighty through the intercession of the city’s patron saint St. Michael the Archangel on September 29. It is also the city’s simple way of saying “Mabuhay and Welcome to Tangub” which presents the unique way of fostering, friendship, unity and love of all Tangubanons to their visitors. The festival showcases varied activities and presentation which include parade, street dancing of the different contingents in bedecked costumes choreographed movements and lively sounds. Added attractions are the inclusion of huge floats in parade of the Miss Tangub City Tourism.
3. MISS TANGUB CITY TOURISM. A beauty contest participated by female resident of Tangub City, a student of Tangub City, a daughter of local or national employees working in Tangub City, has roots in Tangub City, (either or both parents were born in Tangub City to be supported with a birth certificate).She must stand at least 5 feet., must be 15 to 21 years old with pleasing personality. Must be single or never been married and without a child and must be of good moral character.
4. CHRISTMAS SYMBOLS FESTIVAL. Christmas Time in Tangub is always celebrated with great merriment and colorful activities. This is possible because of the one of a kind display of indigenous and low cost giant Christmas Symbols at our City Plaza and highway barangay competition. Today, Tangub City has gained another tagline as the Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines. Recent reports from the Department of Tourism indicated that Tangub City is included in their calendar of activities as one of the tourism destinations in the country during the ‘Christmas Season”. Foreign and local tourists came in by busloads every night in order to experience and witness these yearly festivities in a very native setting. A dramatic increase of our tourist arrivals has been experienced. It is perceived that the contributing factors for the influx of the tourists during this year is because of the unique interpretation and presentation of the different Christmas Symbols of various shapes and sizes lavishly displayed at our plaza and barangays, a really breathtaking sight to behold that catches everyone’s eye and imagination.