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The Youth Empowerment: the Solution! (YES!) is recognized by the City Government of Tangub through a City Resolution No. 2010-02-0036 entitled, “A RESOLUTION RECOGNIZING THE MOVEMENT “YES!”, KNOWN AS THE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: THE SOLUTION! (YES!).”
“The empowered youth of Misamis Occidental and neighboring localities are God-centered, idealistic, committed leaders and actively serving as catalysts of change.”
1. To conduct programs and projects that will further enhance the leadership qualities, commitment of all YES! members and most importantly shaping and building their character as a God-centered person. Truly, they will be considered as catalysts of change in healing and making the world a beautiful and nice place to live in.
2. To advocate education as priority of life through a Scholarship Program to the youth so as to boost and heighten their self-confidence to be an active member of the YES! Movement and for the most part to secure their future.
3. To expand services to other neighboring localities of Misamis Occidental to establish harmonious relationship and promote culture of excellence, the legacy that Tangub City has.
4. To impart our knowledge, understanding and awareness of contemporary problems and issues.
5. To increase and expand the membership of YES!